Invisible to Invincible (i2i) is a community-based organization that celebrates and affirms Asians & Pacific Islanders (APIs) who identify as LGBTQ+ in the Chicago area.

i2i group photo by Chinatown Gate
Image description: A group of queer/trans Asian folks gather on the street in front of the Chinatown Gate, holding 2 large i2i and Lunar New Year banners and various posters with climate justice and anti-war messaging.

i2i welcomes and strives to be

An inclusive space for adoptees, multi-racial/multi-ethnic people, East Asians, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders of all sexual orientations and gender identities & expressions.

What We Do

i2i’s work since 2005 has included working toward making Asian spaces more affirming of LGBTQ+ folks, immigrant and refugee justice, reproductive justice, racial justice solidarity work, family acceptance of LGBTQ+ Asians, visibility, and wellness.

Currently, i2i organizes progressive educational programming, support spaces, and social events like potlucks. We focus on community activism, primarily around queer, trans, racial, and immigrant justice.

i2i group photo in front of colorful wall mural
Image Description: A group of 13 queer/trans Asians pose together with happy grins in front of a colorful wall-to-wall abstract mural of 2 portraits and the graffiti words “Asian Americans.”

i2i group photo in someone's home
Image description: A group photo of about 30 queer/trans Asian folks gather inside someone’s home, everyone displaying happiness and a unique sense of personality.

Social events

Our social events consist of potlucks, educational events, campaign-related events, and organizational collaborations with other Chicago based organizations. Events are open to current and new i2i members, supporters, allies, and friends (if not, we will specify in the event descriptions).

i2i supports and collaborates with community organizations that align with our values and work on campaigns to advance systemic change to improve the lives of marginalized communities in the Chicago area and worldwide. Examples include: No Cop Academy, March to End Detention & Welcome Families, Phone-banking for GOTV.


There has long been a need for a Chicago organization which would attract and nurture queer Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs) and provide a safe space for them. An organization that would promote our visibility and voice to the larger community; and facilitate networking, friendship, and empowerment.

In the late 1990s, organizations like PALs (Pacifica Asian Lesbians), Khuli Zaban, and Lavender Phoenix emerged for lesbians. And the organization GAPIC (Gay Asian Pacific Islanders of Chicago) emerged for gay men. But i2i would be the first queer API group to embrace all gender identities of queer Asian Americans in Chicago under one roof. This would allow us all to work side-by-side for our common goals.

i2i smiling and embracing
Image description: A warm-tinted photo of 6 smiling queer/trans Asians embracing each other.

Our values

i2i affirms and celebrates LGBTQ+ Asian and Pacific Islander folks in Chicago, and strives to be inclusive of all gender identities, sexual orientations, racial & ethnic backgrounds, abilities & disabilities, and immigrant & adoptee experiences.

What we value:

  • Accessibility 
  • Liberation and abolition
  • Transformation 
  • Interdependence
  • Accountability 
  • Healing and resolution
  • Respect and sustainability 

Our principles and practices: 

  • Engaging in conflict openly and honestly
  • Celebrating each other and our full selves 
  • Prioritizing impact over intent
  • Centering the needs and leadership of those most directly impacted 
  • Naming and honoring boundaries 
  • Practicing joy and fun
  • Being aware of power dynamics

i2i aims to be visible in both the Asian and Pacific Islander communities and the LGBTQ+ communities – challenging homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and racism.

Anti-oppression (the work of actively challenging and removing oppression caused by power inequalities in society, both systemic and on an individual level) is a key value that motivates the purpose of i2i and informs where energy and resources are directed. i2i works to be active in solidarity with many other social issues that affect us (i.e., immigration, education, poverty, and fair housing).

Image description: A group of queer/trans Asian folks look determined as they hold up colorful anti-war posters and banners inside an office space. The posters say: What’s your new year’s revolution? It’s 2020, change your attitude not the climate. Drop seeds not bombs. New Year? No War! System change not climate change. Build gardens not walls. Biomes over businesses and armies. US Military #1 Polluter.

Interested in joining?

There are many ways to get involved – become a general member, join a committee, become an ally & supporter, or join the core team!