Accessibility Statement

We value and uphold accessibility as a core aspect of Disability Justice and community care for Disabled, Deaf, neurodivergent, chronically ill people.

This website was built using the Twenty-Twenty-One theme on WordPress. The WordPress team “aims to make the WordPress Admin and bundled themes fully WCAG 2.0 AA compliant where possible” (according to WordPress Accessibility). This theme affords us the following accessibility features:

  • Distinct hover and focus interactions for keyboard access
  • Structure and purpose defined in markup for screen reader access
  • Responsive display across different devices and screen sizes

Building upon the theme, we’ve made the following design and content choices for accessibility:

  • Image descriptions and alt text for all images
  • Large text with high color contrast
  • No flashing lights or automatically playing animations
  • Descriptive page titles and headers that organize content
  • Clear definition of terminology and acronyms
  • Simple and approachable language

We acknowledge that while we strive for accessibility, the website may still include access barriers that prevent people from engaging with us. If you encounter an access barrier and have the spoons to let us know, please reach out and we will do our part in understanding and addressing the issue.